Car recycling in Calgary or where you live has become the ideal option for selling outdated or scrapped cars. There is a common belief that you can’t sell severely damaged automobiles. However, the fact is companies accept both running and unwanted cars. They pay cash for all brands and types of automobiles. This article has compiled a list of car junk for you to sell at high-price.

High-Priced Car Junk

Older cars use more fuel. The longer you own and operate a vehicle, the more its parts wear down. It raises the need for repairs, many of which will be costly. It can be a good idea to scrap your car if it has been in the shop frequently. However, if you have the time and expertise, you can do the removal of junk cars by disassembling your vehicle and selling the scrap car pieces separately.

Let’s examine the list of scrap car parts you can sell for top prices.

1. The Engine

The engine is one of the most valuable pieces of a car to scrap. Replacement of a vehicle’s engine may be very costly; thus, many people turn to the secondhand market for the necessary parts. If your engine is still operational, it may be easier to sell it. However, even if your car engine is no longer functional, it is still valuable in car recycling. Car Engines are commonly recyclable for aluminum, as aluminum is more precious than steel; you should not disregard any aluminum found during the removal of junk cars. You can either sell it to an engine rebuilder or scrap the metal from it.

2. Transmission System

The transmission system transfers the engine’s power to the wheels. It is also necessary for maintaining safe vehicle speeds. Some typical indicators of a failing transmission include slipping gears, a burning odour, and fluid leaks. Leave these issues unresolved and abandon the plan of car recycling in Calgary or wherever you live

3. Catalytic Changer

Catalytic changer has become a requirement for all cars. Their primary purpose is to lower the toxicity of automobile emissions. They achieve this by reducing the number of pollutants produced by automobiles. However, Catalytic converters are heavy, impacting a junk car’s value. You can sell a catalytic converter as scrap and get a profit from it.

4. Tires And Wheels

If you can securely remove wheels and tires, you can sell the complete wheel assembly (rims and tires) to separate consumers. The greater the value of your wheels, the more money you might receive for them. However, steel wheels are still valuable to recycle in car junk yards.

5. Doors

After car crashes, many people want replacement doors, making your doors valuable spare parts. You can separately sell individual components, such as window controls, mirror controls, lock/unlock buttons, and sheet metal, allowing you to optimize your earnings when selling your trash car.

6. Bumper

In many modern cars, the bumper is composed of multiple layers of aluminum, steel, fiberglass composites, and plastic. The combination of these materials reduces the damage sustained in low-speed collisions. Bumpers are commonly damaged in automobile collisions; thus, they will always be in high demand if you want to obtain cash for junk cars in Calgary or where you live.


As you can see, numerous items in your car have worth, even if it is old or no longer functional. Calling a junk car-buying company may be your best bet if you’re seeking an easy and quick way to get cash for your junk cars in Calgary